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Windows on the World
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Genres Drama

Windows on the World is a movie starring Rene Auberjonois, Ryan Guzman, and Luna Lauren Velez. After watching the news on 9/11 with his family, Fernando travels from Mexico to New York City to find his father, an undocumented worker
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Directed by Michael D. Olmos
18 years already, and it's still mortifying. Thank you Mark for all your hard work on revealing this truth to the people, May Yehovah bless you in all truth, in His Holy son Jesus/Yeshuah Messiah, Amen.

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper [f. p. n. Previous] p. Book 2] f. Next] n] Thanks to Tulip, Big_Papa_Dakky, Mr_Polygon, txgunman65, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam Berry, ClarityAndVision, RedHawkdude, KillTech, LilLaussa, and 24 others currently supporting me on patreon. Alice. MacGregor got her attention, waiting to see how the situation would unfold. She seemed to understand his concerns. Asha and Zolta looked on quietly with curious expressions. "Russell is here too. I'll be alright. I think it's best we show some trust, all things considered. I'll call for you when you come up. She proposed, trying desperately to tamp down the swarm of butterflies in her chest and stomach while maintaining a composed outward appearance. "All the same I hope I don't come up. Center of attention seems to get knives thrown at em. Lachlan reasoned. Alice chuckled shortly. "I presume you'll be wanting a place to sleep. Ah that's a fair point, lass. You go on then. I'll be here with these three furry companions. he offered. "Yeah, alright then. Alice agreed, turning her back to the shuttle and staring at the gates as she murmured to herself. "I'll just go meet with the council of raptor cats that love my brother like. a brother and could probably kill me with their toes. No sweat. What could go wrong? No, let's not answer that…" Alice's private musings lasted the short trip to where her brother stood before the priests of the village, her boots kicking up small clouds of dust as she walked along the narrow strip of non-irrigated land. The little cub Russell had been tending took flight at seeing so many authority figures at once, leading his mother on a short chase past Alice and towards the shuttle, where MacGregor sat himself in the dirt and attempted to offer the little tyke a relatively nonthreatening option. Between the Marine, Veera, Zolta, and Asha, he was soon corralled and playing with Lachlan's impressive moustache, giving his mother a chance to catch up with him. The assembled priests all watched the proceedings closely while Russell shared a moment with his sister. "You good. He asked simply, feeling as close to her as hed ever been. “Ready to be a part of whatever all this is? ” "Yeah, I'll be alright. she assured him, taking solace in his presence. "This is literally everything I've ever dreamed of, since first contact at least. Then I'll be at the shuttle if you need me. Io, is she good for translation. Yes sir, we're in the clear. the AI assured him excitedly, projecting herself in an outfit to match Alices as a sign of solidarity. It only lasted a instant however, the AI picking up on Russells attitude and insistence that this be Alices time. "Thanks, Io. Good luck sis. Love you, bro. Alice whispered, giving him a quick hug. He'd never been the over the shoulder type, but he'd been looking out for her from afar since they were teens. Her courage was bolstered as he turned from the gates, making it clear to the Cauthan that they should deal with his sister independently. "Yeah, you too, ” he called over his shoulder. “Don't keep them waiting. Ratha's a bitch but the rest are good people. Hell even she is, I guess. With that confusing statement Russell walked off, letting Alice initiate her own entrance to village life as the swell of chatter and gossip grew behind the line of priests. Alice focused on the one that she knew, approaching Antoth and bowing politely. "Hmph, I guess this one has some manners. Ratha muttered, earning herself Antoth's hand, and claws, on her shoulder. The towering Cauthan spoke diplomatically while he reined in his mate as tactfully as possible given the situation. "Alice Winters, I have presented the treaty with your people to my fellows here. We are tasked with the burden of guiding our people. And while there is understandable nervousness among us…" Antoth held up a hand as Alice made to speak. "We are cautiously optimistic that your presence will be beneficial to our village. There is much in this document that is…subject to interpretation. We open our gates to you as a gesture of goodwill and as an expectation that our kindness shall be returned. I. I see. Thank you all for your consideration. Alice spoke clearly, allowing her A-MACS to translate for her. Relief spread through her as most of the Cauthan present nodded or ruffled their feathers in a similar fashion to what she'd seen from Veera once things had calmed on the Event Horizon. "My name is Alice Winters and it's an honor to make your acquaintance. I am Russell's older sister. Has he always been such an insufferable human. Ratha demanded haughtily, resting a hand on her hip as her mate growled quietly. "Oh shut it, Antoth. You let him hug me. Would it surprise you to learn that he likes you more than most humans. Alice asked nervously, watching as the elderly couple among the priests smiled widely and nodded to one another, their graying fur and slightly drooping jowls shifting to display what Alice hoped was humor and favor. That theory of cultural evolutionary convergence was already churning in her head at their subtle movements. Ratha did not seem pleased with her answer. "Why me. Ratha demanded of the sky, tilting her head to regard the clouds above. "You've become dramatic now that you're with dramatic. Antoth declared, swiftly moving his hand from Ratha's shoulder to her belt. "This is not a hunt, my mate. It is diplomacy. Keep your knife at your side and give this one a chance. She tore into Winters when he asked about her courtship. You would have approved. Now introduce yourself and do not dishonor our word. Alice watched cautiously, playing with the sleeve of her jumpsuit as Ratha simmered in silent frustration. To her marginal relief it seemed more directed at Antoth than her. Eventually Ratha shoved his hand away from her knife and stared Alice down. "My name is Ratha, servant of Valta and mate of the priest of as he is. she simpered with a coy glance Antoth's way. "So long as you respect the authority of the Huntress and don't go on any crazed hunts like and I will not have problems. Alice nodded, knowing that said brother would absolutely escalate the situation if he were her. She opted to tilt her head deferentially instead, hoping to placate the grumpiest of the priests. "I should like to learn of Valta and your traditions; if you have time, of course. she offered. Ratha looked her over keenly, as if searching for deception or weakness. Alice was reminded of a hawk. "Maybe later. was all she would say on the matter, feeling the eyes of her fellows, her people, and Winters upon her. "Let's get on with this already. Seil is annoyingly warm today. Well if you would stop acting like she's her brother we'd be done by now. Staroth boomed, stepping forward as Ratha shot him a death glare. "Alice Winters, it's a pleasure to meet you. Name's Staroth, village Guardian. Your brother was welcome among us under Antoth, and he remains so now that I've taken up the mantle of Uthos. You're welcome in the barracks at any time. If youre his kin, theres a place for you. Alice glanced around in stunned silence, temporarily shaken by the abrupt reversal in mood. "I…thank you very much, Staroth. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that my brother found his way into your world, should I? Can I ask you a question. Alice ventured, sensing an ease and casual friendliness about the Guardian that she did not feel around the impenetrable bulwark that was Antoth. "Yeah, course! That's why you're here isn't it? You dont seem like the conquering type. Staroth laughed before turning on his heel with surprising speed. "Gael, Rakis, save it for the festival you stone for brains! Pardon me, Alice. You didn't hear that, did you. Uhh…I'm sorry. Alice responded with a shrug, guessing that her hearing, the language barrier, or both had led to her missing something. Staroth shook his head like a father watching his sons do something incredibly stupid that he nevertheless intended to allow them to see through. "Nah, probably for the best. Bunch of young boys with mating on the brain, wanting to know if your fur is soft. I'll drill them hard tonight, dont you fret. So Alice, you had a question. Staroth continued, seemingly unconcerned with most anything. "Yes, actually. Is there a prescribed manner in which a female should greet a male in public? I wouldn't want to offend you and I wasn't sure if it would be proper to shake your hand. Alice explained her hesitation. Staroth brought his hand to his chin as Gentia chuckled and cooed about 'how polite the sister was. Well you don't really have feathers, do you? All that fur up top, can you move it. Staroth asked curiously. Alice laughed and shook her head back and forth, kicking her loosely tied ponytail about. A handful of Cauthan behind them spoke animatedly about the length of Alices black mane of hair. "No sir, not intentionally. Ha! Don't ever call me sir again. Reminds me of being old. So show me a handshake then, eh? Don't think I've ever done such a thing with your brother. He enjoys scale bashing far too much. The guard said with overbearing friendliness. Alice held out her hand, palm rotated slightly upward. Staroth measured her closely for a moment, eventually holding out his own paw and looking Alice in the eye for confirmation. He was only a couple inches taller than her and his brown eyes were quite amicable. She nodded, prompting the captain to turn his head and regard two of his younger charges. "Ha ha. Uproarious joviality rose from the assembled guardsmen as Staroth took Alice's hand in a strong shake, the two of them squeezing harder until a firm pressure was established and the gesture explained. Alice flashed her teeth in a wide smile as her brother laughed from a distance. "A pleasure to meet you, Staroth. I will certainly be taking you up on that offer to visit the barracks and learn more about your ways. You let go of her this instant, you lech. A female Cauthan called from the crowd. "Now now, fluff of my life, I'm just conducting diplomacy with this human. Staroth called with overemphasized innocence. "Diplomacy my tail! I know she's female. Did I mention I love my mate very much? Go on now, Alice. I'm sure we'll meet again. Staroth encouraged, incapable of fearing a smooth and soft being like a female human when he had arms and armor. The male that Alice had brought with her was another story, but he'd deal with that later. The next priest stepped forward. "I guess it's my turn then? A pleasure to meet you, Alice. I can see you've already met one of my charges. Alice took a couple paces down the line from Staroth to greet an elegant, blonde furred Cauthan who reminded her of an ermine. She had radiant blue eyes and sandy colored feathers, and was dressed easily the best of all the assembled priests. Unlike most of her fellow villagers who wore leather or fur, the Cauthan before her sported a fetching woven garment that Alice assumed was made of some sort of plant fiber. She'd not seen any animals that could be sheared since landing. The dress was not particularly detailed, but the dull white fabric was expertly tailored to her body. It lent the priestess an air of sophistication that was rather unique. "My name is Alyra, and I serve the Twins. It's a pleasure to meet you, Alyra. I love your dress; it's quite beautiful. So Asha is one of yours? I've only seen a dress like that on her so far. Alice deduced, holding out her hand tentatively to the other female. "Hmm, a keen eye on you as well? We'll have to have you stop by sometime and change out of is. Alyra turned up her nose at Alice's jumpsuit, marveling at how the human's cheeks suddenly flushed red. "Look we all have to wear them on board the ship, alright. Alice muttered, still awkwardly holding out her hand as her outfit was scrutinized. Alyra waved her off. "Well you're not on Is that it? You're not there anymore, are you. Alyra insisted, using the closest word she had. "So there. We'll have you looking the part in no time. Oh, and save your hand for the males. You have no feathers but there's nothing preventing us from using the customary human greeting your brother partakes in. Wait, he does wha. Alice yelped as Alyra stepped forward and embraced her, eliciting a hoot from Staroth as she tried to figure out how much of the Cauthan she was allowed to touch. In the end Alice opted to not rock the boat any further, gently applying pressure with her arms to Alyra's upper back. She signified that she accepted the hug, while indulging in the brief contact of the priestess' fur on her cheek. "Is something the matter, Alice? You appear to be changing colors. Alyra observed with genuine concern as Alices blush deepened. The human shook her head vigorously, wondering how to explain a flush of the cheek to an alien with no visible cheeks to flush. 'If I may, my friends. Io suddenly cut in, appearing at Alice's wrist. 'If she had feathers it would look something like this, Alyra. The Cauthan and human watched closely as Io shifted forms and waved the feathers of her avatar in a pattern that implied both embarrassment and excitement. "Ah, I see now. How very strange. And yet here I am wishing I could change my fur color. Alyra replied animatedly. "I do apologize, Alice. You just have no tail for that matter. The human smiled bashfully as Alyra flicked her slim, white tipped tail back and forth for emphasis. "That's quite alright. I was just surprised to be greeted in such a friendly manner! And why don't you just dye your fur. Alice suggested. "Surely you have pigments. Oh Alice, you do not want that fat, oil, and dirt all over your fur. You'd look a mess. The Twins might enjoy such a scene though. Alyra considered with a twinkle in her eyes. "And who are the Twins, if I may ask. Eiur and Auril, the two moons that scamper about the night skies and play among the stars. They are tricksters and patrons of the arts. Alyra explained, bringing a claw to her chin. "Now Alice, what is with that look, hmm? You have so many little movements on your face it's hard to keep track of. They like pranks and tricks. Alice asked eagerly. "Why, did you have something in mind. Alyra whispered with a flaring of her feathers. Alice leaned closer with her suggestion. "You find me something that looks better than this accursed jumpsuit and I'll see what I can do about changing your fur color! Temporarily of course. You jest. Maybe. Alice replied coyly, hopping back a pace and standing fully upright. Her guts were practically turning inside out with nerves. I dont want to overstep anything, but theyre all so friendly! Maybe not. Wouldn't want to offend the Twins by being so blunt. Alice ventured. "Sorry, Antoth. Oh brother, she's got you dead to rights. The burly Cauthan who had been waiting patiently next to Alyra finally piped up, reaching to clap Antoth on the shoulder. "I think the two of you ladies have had enough fun; and unlike your brother you'll probably be making more visits to Alyra's temple than mine. Name's Nerazek, forge master and high priest of Tyrdus, the Smith. We're the ones who make all the useful things around town. Zolta's master added with a terribly unsubtle look at Alyra. The priestess took it in stride. "Were it not for our trading you would have no metal to work with, Nerazek. Try not to get too big for your scales now. Big words from the pretty girl. he laughed. "I am a pretty girl. Alyra agreed, holding her head high and preening her feathers. Alice nodded with wide eyes, hoping not to offend anyone as she injected herself into what sounded like playful inter-temple banter. The details would have to be teased out at a later time. "I think you're quite pretty. she whispered. "See, forge master? The human agrees. And how many times has her brother stepped foot in your temple, hmm. Nerazek countered. "That's what I thought! Alice, pleasure to meet you and if you need anything fixed up, carved, forged or otherwise made, my temple's the place to go. You pay in metal like that. he proposed, pointing to the shuttle. "And we won't have any problems at all. Ah. I'm a bit short on Grizzly class shuttles at the moment and I don't think pilot Cromwell is selling hers. Do you accept other payment. Alice requested with a warm tone. "Anything of value. The forge master assured her. She nodded and held her hand out, analysis continuing within her mind. So a barter system. Then I look forward to visiting your temple. Quite so! Yes I believe we should do this shaking thing. Alyra has a mind of her own. We are both female. There is no problem. the priestess insisted. "Yeah yeah, as you say. And don't worry Alice, the scales don't hurt. Nerazek chortled as she took his hand. Alice hadn't considered it much in her interactions with Staroth or Antoth, but she took some time to get acquainted with the fine, small scales on the top of the smith's paw and fingers. Many of them were actually smoother than his calloused pads, and they blended seamlessly with the fine fur on the sides and bottoms of his digits. Oh I could spend a day just looking at their hands! Alice exclaimed internally. Ok that's really weird now that I say it out loud…well not really out loud. Anyway, time to meet the last two. You're almost there, Alice! No, they don't. Thank you for the kind welcome, sir. Alice concluded. "It's my pleasure. Welcome to our village. And watch out for her. Nerazek insisted, pointing not to Alyra, as Alice expected, but to the short, elderly female next to him. He received a whap of her cane to the back of his leg in reply. "See what I mean. Don't listen to him, dear. He's breathed in too many fumes at that forge lately. My name is Gentia. I serve Meylith, the Mother and patron of hearth and home. It is so good to meet you. Could you ask your brother to come here a moment, please. Alice was briefly taken aback by the elder's request but she certainly wasn't about to deny something so reasonable. "Hey Russell, Gentia wants to speak to you. She called, watching as her armored sibling shrugged his shoulders and ambled over. "What's going on Genti- hey! Cut that out. He ordered as Gentia lit into him with her walking stick the moment he was in range. "And when were you planning on telling me about your family, hmm? About this wonderful sister of yours who's polite and easy to look at. Gentia demanded, the customary light in her eyes as Alice utterly failed at keeping her mirth contained within her chest. "Mercy for my brother, please! He was never trained to fight off angry old women with canes. Hmph, if you insist young one. Go on now, Winters. You go play while I speak with your sister. Gentia advised happily as though she'd not just assaulted him. He looked down at her seriously. "You're gonna need a longer cane next time. he advised before tearing off for the shuttle and out of Gentia's range. The old priestess looked up at Alice "He's a good lad, saved many lives. Hers most of all. Gentia told the human as she pointed at Veera. The weight of emotion in Gentia's voice was such that the smile was wiped from Alice's face, leaving her to contemplate the many unknowns in the tale of her brother and his mate. "You will be welcome in my temple as his family, and I hope you can aid us as he has. We aren't out of the woods yet, so to speak. Is there something you need help with. Alice asked, opening her hands in offering. "Another time, my dear. That sort of talk is not for such an occasion. This should be a festive moment. Yes, well in that case thank you very much for meeting me. The sun is not too bad? We could move into the shade or. Oh perish the thought, dear. Felen has blessed us with ample clouds today and neither my mate nor I are pregnant. Gentia…" Ratha growled. "Meylith bless you, Ratha. You have yet to visit me regarding your cub. Gentia raised her voice, completing the image in Alice's mind of a pint sized midwife with a full sized attitude. "I'm fine. This cycle or I'll come visit you and make sure Antoth watches. Gentia sang, her words spurring Ratha to face Antoth and slam her fist against his solid chest. "You did this to me. She screeched before kissing Antoth the way only she could, leaving Alice rooted to the spot and Antoth looking at his wife with exasperation. "Ratha. I said hello. I'll kill her if she hurts anyone. I'm going home. The Huntress declared, spinning on her heel and departing the gate. No one dared block her path. "She will be a wonderful mother someday. Gentia declared, watching as Ratha's proud tail finally disappeared past the crowds. "I'll take you word for it. You've probably seen many more mothers than I have. Alice said. "Such is my joy and my duty. Gentia agreed, hugging Alice briefly around the waist due to her short stature. "One that I share with my mate. Thantis. Oh, of course, yes. Why I remember just under a year ago speaking with your brother at this very gate. the wizened priest informed her, gazing up into the skies. "Who are you, I asked him. Where did you come from? What is your purpose? Ah, so many questions there were and so many left unanswered. But I am forever grateful to have seen him in my twilight years. Such a momentous end to a long life. Oh stop it, you. We have many years left. Gentia insisted with love in her voice born of decades shared. "Now introduce yourself, priest of Kel. Indeed! Where are my manners? I do apologize. Thantis said, suddenly aware and alert instead of wistful and distant. He adjusted his cane and looked up at Alice. "Miss Alice, my name is Thantis. I serve Kel, lord of winter, death, knowledge, and He who keeps the balance. It is a pleasure to meet you. You're him, the death priest. Alice demanded excitedly as she extended her hand, shaking Thantis' gently. "My brother told me you're a scholar and keeper of knowledge. I am too! Will you teach me of you people and history. Well what do you know? She likes you best. Gentia provided with a smirk. "I do have one condition technically two. Thantis replied warmly, taking a moment to contemplate her hand in his palm. "On second thought, can I make it three. Start with one, my love. Gentia advised with a flutter of her aging feathers. "Sure, Thantis. Give and take right. Alice suggested in reply. The priests assembled nodded in agreement. The human didn't miss the gesture. "Yes well, first could I study your hand. Thantis requested. Gentia tittered delightfully while Antoth groaned and wondered how introductions had somehow turned into anatomy lessons. He blamed their familiarity with Alice's brother and her similarities to him. "Sure. Humans are quite comfortable with such things. What else. Will you join me for tea so that I might finally satisfy my curiosity with yptians of yours? Is that the word? I wrote it down somewhere… "Gods with animal heads, mummification, stone tombs. Alice asked, wondering if she's heard right. The upturn of Thantis' lips made it clear she had. "Yes yes, that's them. He exclaimed. Alice beamed at him. "I'd love to, Thantis. Just wait until you hear about the Greeks. And the last. She inquired, her brows furrowing as Thantis suddenly adopted a serious expression and posture. "I would ask that you make an effort to befriend my young apprentice. Much light has been stolen from his life. I hope that new knowledge might rekindle it. I…" Alice paused, looking left to Antoth and the others. All of them seemed to understand what Thantis was speaking of. "I am here to learn and to listen. I would be happy to speak with him. she agreed, feeling a cool breeze pass over her head as a cloud rolled past the sun above. "Then you have my thanks. Please visit soon! We are at the other end of the village by the east gate. the death priest explained. "Oh Ratha, I thought you were leaving us. Yeah I forgot something. the Huntress replied without care. "You lot seem done, finally. Antoth, where the heck are you going to put her. We were just getting to that. Antoth said accusingly. "Which you would know if you'd not stomped off. Alice, if you could summon your companion please? We must discuss your lodgings so long as none among us have objections. A moment if you would. Staroth requested, much to Antoth's surprise. The sun priest quickly hummed in understanding once the Guardian explained himself. "Alice, can we trust the other human? The warrior, who is he to you. Alice had anticipated such a question. She didn't hold the weapons. "He's a dear friend and someone who volunteered to come down here with me to keep me safe and assist with my work. We promised your people protection in the treaty. You can consider him a first line of defense, so to speak. His armor has the ability to communicate with our home ship high above us, and he's well trained in the art of war. Most importantly, I've been around him for about half a year now and I've never known him to be anything but a kind man with a strong sense of duty. I guess he's a bit like my brother in that way, but with less edge. Good, I almost cut myself on Winters. Ratha chuckled under her breath. "Satisfied, Staroth. I'd like him to train with my men at some point, get him used to them if he's going to fight with us. But yes, regarding admittance to the village I am in favor. Alice, if you would. With greetings completed and her mind positively humming with ideas, Alice turned and walked over to the shuttle, briefly explaining to Lachlan and the others what had been discussed to that point. The Scotsman, eager to show a comforting side to the villagers, stood with Sentaura's son in his arms. He let the young, curious boy continue to tap against his armor and run his claws along the ballistic fiber protecting his joints. "You're a curious little guy, aren't ye. He asked as the cubs mother followed at his side. 'You will find that curiosity is a defining trait of the species at large. Io opined using their various earpieces. 'Splendid job so far, Alice. You've gotten into none of the fights your brother did on his first day. Io, you can't just dangle that out in front of us and not deliver. Alice insisted hotly as the young Cauthan noticed her hair and reached for it instead, pulling on her ponytail and forcing Alice to suddenly bump into Lachlan or suffer. "Oh no no no no! Please stop, little guy. Woah, hey there young man! Ya can't be touching a lass like that. You gotta be gentle with beautiful things. the Marine insisted, slowly prying the Cauthans fingers away from Alices hair. "Oh stow it, Lachlan! They already saw me blushing. She squealed. "Begging your pardon, Alice. the Marine winked at her as Sentaura reprimanded her son. "Ursol, what have I told you about feathers. She asked in a stern voice. t pull. Little Ursol replied. "That's right, sweetheart. This human's fur is like feathers. Do you understand. So…no pull fur. Very good. his mother praised him as he refocused on Lachlan's equipment. The Marine met her eyes. "He's a wee, sharp lad, isn't he. He gets it from his father. was all she would say. Their time was up anyway, with Lachlan suddenly feeling sweat on the back of his neck as every Cauthan high priest scrutinized him as he held one of their treasured young. o' the morning to y'all! It is morning 't it. He asked, gauging the position of the star above. "Afternoon. Antoth clarified. "Huh, well is that right. Another time, Private. We must discuss where you two will be staying when you are with us. There are some complications that must be considered. the sun priest continued. "Last winter our village suffered fire. I'm sorry to hear that. Alice replied without inquiring further. Antoth nodded curtly her way. "Thank you. As things stand several families remain without homes, and others have had to relocate to…" The blockhouses. They're poor now. It sucks. At least we have enough food. Just get on with it. Ratha urged with acid in her voice. "I suppose my mate is right. It's not like we can hide the situation and perhaps you humans will have a solution? In any case, I cannot in good conscience place you in one of the newly constructed homes in the temple district while my own people still recover. I don't think that's a problem. Alice offered tentatively. "I'm sure that anywhere you have available will be more than enough. I can request any furnishings or gear I need from the Event Horizon. Same with Lachlan. When the Marine bobbed his head in affirmation of Alice's perspective, Antoth bowed to them both. "Meylith forgive me for treating you in such a way but thank you, Alice. There is a single unit available in the blockhouses. It was built for one, and rests adjacent to the east gate. Thantis and Gentia have their temples just to the south and the young couple you already met, Zolta and Asha, live in that quarter. I will personally ensure that you have what you need to remain here comfortably. Well that's mighty kind of ye, Antoth. Thank you. What is it. Lachlan asked as many eyes suddenly turned his way with suspicion. "Are you mated to Alice, young man. Gentia asked like a cat eyeing a canary. "No, no I'm not. the Marine replied unconcernedly, wondering where the conversation was headed as Alice mouthed 'I'm sorry' at him. "Then I'm afraid we must insist that you stay elsewhere. Gentia informed him. "It would be most improper for a man and woman, unmated, to share a roof and bed in such a way. Neither Lachlan nor Alice were about to argue with Gentia on that point. Such customs were not so alien to human history and they both knew well that breaking taboo around relationships was not something that would behoove them on their first day. Instead the humans looked at one another curiously, questioning silently what they were going to do. There didn't seem to be room at the inn. "Then he will stay with me. Sentaura, I forbid it. Ratha replied strongly. "Such a thing is. Ratha. the hunter's widow stopped her. "You have done more for me and my son than I can ever repay you for. Nonsense! I know you're working the fields this year. You shouldn't! I take care of my own. The Huntress insisted. Sentaura waved her feathers in understanding but carried on politely. "That home is too large for just a female and cub. It would dishonor me and Lady Meylith if such space were wasted. But. Sentaura looked sadly at the forest. "I have had my time, Ratha. I knew love, courtship, motherhood. I was bonded in the sight of the Mother. I am not like this young human maiden, and he and I are not even of the same species. There is no shame in what I have suggested. If they are here to help us then let me help them. Ratha looked first to her husband, then to Gentia. Her face was contorted in worry and sorrow. don't have to do this. I know, Huntress. It would be an honor to aid our people in such a way. High priest, please allow this human to stay with us. Antoth, you cannot! Look at what Winters did to Veera. that concern for the 'mutt' I heard in your voice. Antoth growled pleasingly, his voice like velvet. "You are a vile, unrepentant. Father of your. Antoth cut her off softly. "Ratha, there is no suitable alternative. What else would you have me do? Have him sleep with the shen? Sentaura remains mated in the eyes of the goddess until she chooses otherwise. We stand to gain from their presence here. When more homes are rebuilt this will not be an issue. Outnumbered and failing, Ratha approached the wife of one of her missing and took her by the shoulders. "He touches you, even one feather, you come to me. Understand. She pleaded. "As you say, Huntress. Thank you for this chance to serve the village. With that Ratha made for her temple, unwilling and unable to play at diplomacy and tact any longer. Antoth sighed as she left but refused to speak poorly of his mate outside of her presence. "I suppose that settles it then. Private MacGregor, is this arrangement suitable to you? I know you humans are a bit more. flexible regarding the mixing of the sexes. MacGregor took a moment to regard the tyke in his arms as well as his mother. “If thats the arrangement you all think is best, Ill be lodging no complaints. Just try and go easy on my moustache, would ya little guy? ” “Stache! Strache! ” Ursol repeated the word, reaching for the Marines facial hair again. “No no, dear. We do not use our claws with friends. Fingers only for touching and only in good places. Do you understand me? ” Sentaura scolded him politely. “Yes mamma! ” “Well would ya look at him? Well behaved lad and speakin English already! Gotta say Alice, I like these aliens a bit bettern the Ghaelen. Dont tell yer buddy I said so, ” Mac made a show of sharing secrets to try to break the tension. “Miss Sentaura, I thank ya kindly for your hospitality. ” “Mmm, resolution at last, ” Antoth murmured. “Any further concerns? ” He demanded of his fellows. When there were none the various priests bowed and returned to the village, resulting in the dispersal of the crowd as word immediately began to skip from lip to lip about the newest aliens who had come in peace. Each spiritual leader soon found themselves surrounded by curious villagers. “Kaha, if you would? ” “You have need of me, sir? ” The sun guard called, marching up to Antoth from where hed been standing amongst the people of the village. “I do. Kaha this is Alice, the sister of Winters. Well technically they are both Winters, but I know you refer to him in that manner. This other human you wouldnt mind, Private? ” Antoth requested. “Lachlan MacGregor, at your service. Thats some fine armor youve got yerself there, ” the Scotsman greeted Kaha, looking over the finely crafted ornamental fixtures on the sun guard's mostly leather armor. “I know not what to say about yours, human. I suspect it will prove more durable than mine. What orders, Antoth? ” “Please assist Miss Winters with any belongings or equipment that she needs carried. We will be allowing her to stay in the open room near the eastern gate, ” Antoth explained. “Of course, sir! Alice Winters are you finished here? ” Kaha requested, eager to be of service to a sun priest who, by and large, was the complete opposite of Vash and sought to do everything himself. “Yes. Its a pleasure to meet you, Kaha. Let me show you to my things. It should only be a comms array or two…” As the human woman and strapping Cauthan sun guard walked off to the shuttle, Lachlan finally handed Ursol over to his mother. “Would ya give me just a moment, please? ” He requested. She flared her feathers and responded affirmatively. “Thank you, miss. Antoth, Ill be informing the Admiral of the situation down here. Hell probably be wanting to set up a shuttle and orbital schedule once he knows were settled in and not in any trouble. ” “I will request that Alice explain what you just said to me at a later time, ” Antoth replied with a hint of annoyance. “Sentaura, please come find Ratha or myself if there are any issues at all. In the meantime Im sure half the Cauthan in the village wish to speak with me. Good day to you, Private. ” “ you, Antoth! ” Mac called after him, more than a bit stunned to have been left at the gates with what amounted to an open invitation. He shrugged his shoulders and activated the link between his armor and the bridge of the Event Horizon. “Admiral, are ye there? ” A loud yawn greeted him. “Im sure it must be quite exciting down there, but do you have any idea what time it is up here? ” Kaczynski requested. “What news, Private? ” “Sir, Alice and I have secured a place to stay and admittance to the village. Quaint little thing it is. Well be settin up comms and then taking a nap if its all the same ta you? Im sure well need a couple things from the fabricators here and there but thatll take a bit of time ta tease out. ” “Hmm, very good. And the First Lieutenant? ” Natori inquired seriously. “He looks right as rain now that hes back planetside, sir. ” “I see, ” was all Natori had to say on the matter. “Very well, Private. In order to lessen the draws on the drive core we will establish an orbital period of five hours and fifteen minutes or so. That should ensure a shuttle window of close to an hour four times per Maran day. As you establish yourselves down there we can adjust as needed. We have already set up an orbital communications relay system, so you should be able to reach us no matter where we are relative to the village. Oh, and do send pilot Cromwell back up when youre done, would you? She could use a rest most of all, I presume. ” “Aye aye, sir. Ill be doin that posthaste. Wouldn't want her usin more than one stim patch. Thank ya again for this opportunity. The locals have been real friendly, sir. ” “Thats wonderful to hear, Private. We shall speak again soon. Kaczynski out. ” Having touched base with the Event Horizon, MacGregor turned and held up a gloved finger, spinning it a couple times so that Cromwell knew she could start preparing for her ascent. Russell and Veera had already unloaded the spare components and batteries for Ios operation as well as much of the electronic gear brought by Alice. That left his couple of duffels and bedroll. “Miss Sentaura, do ya think you could be showin me to your home? I…” Mac had to take a pause to yawn prominently into the back of his hand. His helmets optics indicated it was almost four in the morning aboard the ship. “As ya can see its been a while since I last slept. ” When his words were translated, Ursol looked curiously at his mother, wondering if he understood the situation. At the age of four, the idea of an entertaining individual like MacGregor staying over at home was quite intriguing. The boys mother signaled with her feathers again, hoping that with time their new guests might pick up on Cauthan habits. “Of course. Do gather your things and Ill show you the way. And what shall I call you, human? ” “Lachlan is just fine, miss. ” “I see. Very well, Lachlan, ” Sentaura replied, her soft accent flowing around his name like a stream. “Welcome to our village. ”. Previous] p. First] f. Next] n. Patreon] y. 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The day to day lives of our favorite shopkeepers may seem dull to the outside observer, but what sorts of things do they write about when they think nobody's watching? 01: Just bought a Vorpal Sword off a wannabe adventure for twenty gold! What a bunch of morons the lot of em. I really have to thank my parents for not letting me go down that dead end career path 02: My fish guy just brought in a bunch of trout from the North. They're actually incredible- it's almost a shame I have to sell them 03: just a bunch of angry scribbles, you only manage to make out the words "I DIDN'T LIKE HIM ANYWAY. as well as a few dark spots that appear to be tears 04: I'm starting to think those kids have it out for me, yesterday I caught them with paint outside of my shop! I think they were gonna graffiti my place until they got caught in the act! Rapscallions the lot of em! 05: I found an old devil-summoning book in the library the other day. Half tempted to check it out, but I thought better of it. Looked for it again today and it was gone. 06: Woke up this morning to a half drunk half-elf in my shop. Sure he was cute, but he tried to steal the wine and then offered to pour me a drink. Thank goodness his friends came for him, but. do you think they will ever come back? 07: Some scribbles] I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT LYING WIZARD... HE TOLD ME THAT THIS POS WAS WORTH 61K GOLD, 61K. I mean those spices though. BUT AGGGG [more scribbles, now of a more eldritch nature. it's no use, I have been defeated, my merchanlie wit is gone, it's time I retired. 08: Today a little boy came to buy a toy bow and said he was going to be an adventurer like his papa. He was smol and cute and I would die for him. 09: Dear diary a strange tabaxi came in yelling about cheese he had a ugly pet rat that he kept telling me to look at. 10: Rumors abound of a new bandit lord organizing the gangs along the north-west trade routes. Better hire some more caravan guards, maybe drop by the adventurer's guild to see if anyone wants to deal with the bandits. 11: I have got to stop making silly bets with Halvor when I'm drunk, he always wins and I always end up with an empty coin purse. One of these days I may end up gambling away my store. 12: The baron's put out a call for adventurers to deal with the monster problem in the forests. Better start stocking up on potions and such. 13: Just got my head chewed off by Mother Superior Ardenia for selling holy water at my shop. Stuck-up hypocrite. So the church can give holy water in exchange for "donations to the church" and no one bats an eye, but yet when I sell it I'm the bad guy? At least I admit I'm in it for the profit. 14: Mother is getting worse. We have been trying to save up enough for a miracle at the temple seems fate conspires against us at every turn. Luckily I've been able to keep some gold squirreled away. These next few shipments should be just enough to get the clerics to see her but I am not sure if she will make it that long. 15: Few adventurers came in yesterday. Most of em seemed alright but the rogue was bloodied, tried to sell me jewelry with his non-broken arm promising he was alright. Just sold him a health potion half-off. He seems convinced he swindled me but arms ain't supposed to bend like that. 16: Got a new shipment of magic items from Jeffery. Big discount, but at least half of it's cursed. Guess it's time to bring out the clearance bin. 17: It's them. They're back. I fear for my life. Everytime they come into town misfortune follows. Last time they were here they melted half of my wares, and STILL demanded a discount on their supplies! I've already lost so much, what could they possibly want now? 18: The tall one enchanted my broom to sweep the store by itself. It's been a huge help to my wife and I after the fall. I've given them a lifetime discount on my wares as thanks. (Not much. Just 5% I'm not insane. 19: I finally finished building the glass fronted cabinet that I've been putting off making. It turned out bigger than I expected, but still fits in the space. I'm so glad i can lock it now so hopefully I'll have fewer losses. It was just too easy for people to pocket those small items. 20: The new year is coming up and people will be buying gifts. Usually there's an uptick in sales around this time, but things haven't been going well lately. I guess folks are just too worried about the future to waste money on trinkets, but you never know, maybe people will be so stressed that they'll reach out to me for fast and easy comforts. 21: I cant believe that stupid adventurer bought that filthy book, and even at a high price! I must be lucky. With all this hold now I could open a new store near the coast, I always wanted to see the ocean while making potions, Im excited. 22: Well, now I understand why he bought that old book, I completely forgot about the powerful enchantment i put it on, if I think enough perhaps I was scammed by myself. Oh well, as my brother says “take a penny leave a penny. ” I still have the money so it isnt a problem if I dont think it is a problem. Should I open a new shop or invest in something else? Those weird machines the gnomes are creating could be helpful if they succeed, and maybe they can allow me to expand my merchandise as a collaboration! 23: Oh god, why I have to smell like chilly all the time? I feel really uncomfortable when talking to Betty, I just cant think of something else! 24: I really shouldn't have sold that tomb to that little girl. I always got a strange feeling from it. Hopefully it isnt as bad as I'd hoped. 25: New shipment of supplies came in for the underground ring. This should make combat a little more interesting and maybe even make us the most popular underground brawl pit in all of (insert city name here) 26: Stop worrying about people asking, they dont. I gotta pull myseld together and Joseph was buried with a fullplate ripe for picking 27: I can´t do this anymore. My profits are flooring more, each day. Why can´t I - just once - say no to these adventurers dropping of their junk at my shop? Who is actually going to buy a magical flaming war-axe in this tiny fisher-town? 28: I accidentally materialized the shop in the wrong universe this morning, and I didnt notice for a couple of hours. I try to stay in the same city most of the time, just put it on the other side of the alley, or around the corner, just to see the confusion on their faces. It was only when this man in strange clothes entered and started asking about books Ive never heard of, what language the books I have were written in, and what my accent was, though he was the one with the accent. He tried to pay for a grimoir with strange paper money that said 20 Dollars and had “In God we trust” on them. I told him that his money was no good in my shop and tried to get him to leave. He took off the small clock he had strapped to his left wrist and told me it was a gold Rolex. I accepted, though I probably shouldnt. I dont think the spells in that book will work in his universe, theyre location locked to the universe where they were written. 29: Rain today. Streets are muddy. Send shipment through the back. 30: Today was interesting. I scammed a couple adventurers. Sold them some expired potions. HAHAHAHA 31: Customer wouldn't sell me their pet. I'd never seen anything like it. Size of a squirrel. Bat wings, lizard head, and I can't describe its body. I wish I could've bought it. 32: Just bought a very interesting-looking skull for an absolute bargain - lovely runic designs etched around the eye sockets. Thisll fetch a pretty coin or two! 33: Bastard skull was haunted! So much stock lost to poltergeist shenanigans, and Im now out of pocket because I needed to hire a cleric to remove the curse. Never again shall I buy from shady elves in hoods. 34: Joy Omasse was right, weapon rentals really are Future of armament sales! Prices worked-out landed well with market. After very little adjustment to original Pitch, now become fashionable for all to wear weapons to balls & hangings. 35: Finally, crazy great Uncle's heirloom diamond blades & ornate halberds are worth something & reviews on town Billboard now warm. not void. my heart. Still working out Right amount to Charge for late fees & set bounties on possible Thefts. But, all in all, just can't believe Success. 36: Eulia went into town a few days ago and has yet to return. I know I probably shouldn't worry, yet I can't seem to stop looking out the window expectantly, hoping to see her come back over the hill. How long does it take to sell some flour, really? I can't stop imagining her finding some other lad in the city and running off with him. 37: Some adventurer tried to steal from my shop again today; poor sap didn't make it two steps out the door before getting dropped by guards. Idiot. 38: I can't believe Strax sold the vintage dragon's mead for only 2 silvers to that pesky bard. That boy needs to stuff his ears with cotton wool around that one. 39: MIMIC, AGAIN? ARE YOU SERIOUS? These latest shipments are really taking the cake. I don't know where they keep finding these "chests" and "barrells" but I damn near lost an arm! 40: Day to day ledger but in the margins you notice copious doodles of a cartoon of someone who looks suspiciously like the shopkeeper fire-balling a group of mean adventurers. 41: No writing, just lots of drawings of eyes, that are completely black and leaking ink 42: Today the cities guard held an auction to sell of confiscated belongings. I snatched some pretty nice longswords inscribed with gnomish text for a great price. 43: Holy [insert commonly worshipped god] i went to a mage who could possibly translate the gnomish writings and he told me the swords were magically enchanted! 44: Today i realised this job might be more dangerous than being an adventurer. 45: Today i saw a rat run away with a small pouch with silver rings. I swear i managed to kill all those rats a week ago. 46: If I catch the asshole who keeps rearranging the product, so it spells naughty words. 47: I think it's only fair that I should offer my products at exactly the same value as every other store in the world. 48: They came again demanding payment. What are they even protecting me from anyway. 49: I should have just been a dentist. 50: I'd sell this place, but my spouse would get half and I'll NEVER LET THEM WIN. 51: REDRUMREDRUMREDRUMREDRUM 52: Demonic text 53: If I can give them the first tastes cheap, I can get them coming back and really raise the price later. 54: Today, I poisoned a drunk half-Orc that was sleeping on the street. It's the fourth one I take care of this month. Feels real good to clean the streets of that filth (GM chooses if the shopkeeper hates half-orcs or drunks. Or drunk half-Orcs. 55: When did we get a cat Bloodstained page DO NOT PLAY WITH THE CAT! 56: A trader brought in a small sample of a gem I had never seen before. It emitted a deep purple light that made some parts of things glow. My houseplants next to the display case have never grown better! Next time the trader comes thru, Ill have to ask where to get more! 57: Those damned punks smashed a display case and mentioned "insurance. Thats the third group this month! Are they the same gang, or different? 58: I hid my partner's keys to the chest. I think they have been stealing from the coinbox. 59: I keep counting my Widgets but there is always a different number, sometimes more, sometimes less. Day 5: 13; Day 7: 18; Day 10: 12. 60: I dreamt that there is a chest of coins buried beneath the old tree in the town square. When the moon is new, I will sneak there and check. Entry three days later, in different handwriting, as if using the opposite hand instead of the dominant one Reminder. Always check to see if it is a mimic before reaching in. it was a mimic, and I will forever miss that finger. 61: They say that healing potions are getting hard to come by. I think I'll start watering mine down and raising prices to keep profits up. 62: Sure, I could give up drinking, like my partner wants me too, but it totally isn't gonna affect my work. I'll be fine. 63: It seems that eveyone is onto this new "goldfish" trend. I better invest now before I lose out on the money stream! 64: I lost money on the Tulips, but this time it'll be different I know it! 65: Why does my partner insist on chewing with thier mouth open? 66: If my partner doesnt stop whistling that gods-forsaken pop-song, I will bury thier body where no one will ever find it! 67: This is the fifth time that my Partner was watching the store while theives made off with valuable merchandise. I'm beginning to think this is an inside job. 68: I bought nine empty wine-tuns and encircled them thrice with holly boughs. I have selected my nine victims. They shall die by hand and be embalmed for 27 nights, and thrice-three times, I shall serve my Master and gain thier Holy Favor! Nine Slaves shall be mine in Heaven! 69: Remember, remember... Three times three is nine, thrice nine is seven and twenty, there are eight twos in 256. a square of a square, squared and square again! The numbers keep slipping out! I need more fingers! Six isn't enough! Butterlies, dreams of butterflies tell me the correct numbers! Nine why do you taunt me so! I need ROUND NUMBERS, damnit! These figures are so irrational! 70: I fear I will never get the account books balanced properly. The Auditors will find my embezzling if I am not careful, but I fear my secret getting out more! I must pay the blackmailer somehow! 71: Four hours. That's how long I waited last night for that damned rogue to appear and return the keepsake. I had the sack of gold and everything ready... now I need to waste another night tonight to hope to get it back. I sure hope I can get it back, or my partner will kill me! Please don't let my partner find out it's missing! 72: I sure hope these adventurers don't figure out that the store three blocks away sells the same stuff as ours for cheaper. 73: How is that bastard selling potions cheaper than I can have them made? Should I just buy up their supply and sell at a markup? 74: Dear Diary. I think you're getting a little old and may need to be replaced. I am running out of sheets. 75: Dear diary, you are so much newer and full of more blank pages than my old one! 76: Dear Diary, whatever you do, please don't tell anyone about my secret ledgers! 77: The secret passcode for the Thieves Guild is: Midnight Milk. Be sure to wear the medallion. 78: My partner dislikes our new hats and refuses to wear it. I tried to tell them that a uniform reinforces our brand-image. 79: I snuck out lastnight and fought in the pit fights. I won! I had to tell my partner that I was robbed on the way home, to explain my wounds. 80: This pit-fight craze has got me thinking that we should sell novelty hats! 81: I wanted our new store logo to be a three humped camel, but my partner over-ruled me. Joke's on them, though... I already placed the order for the sign. 82: The chief of the guard stopped by and snooped around our ledgers. Thankfully my partner is so good at keeping the real one hidden. 83: My partner is cooking the books and won't show them to me. 84: A few rough sorts assaulted me yesterday and broke my big toe. They said I owed them money, but I never took a loan from them! 85: My partner was assaulted yesterday. They broke thier fingers, and ny partner lied about it for some reason. I hope they don't find out about my little deal. 86: I agreed with the chief of the secret police that they can use my store in a sting operation. I just need to signal to the new clerk that "these customers want healing potions. 87: I dreamt last night that my partner found an ancient tome and I attempted to learn its secrets; it exploded, searing my face off with brilliant light. I awakened in a warm sunbeam. with a pounding headache from too much mead last night. 88: An old man with seven small yellow birds in a wicker cage visited my store yesterday. He begged for some coin, and I offered to buy his birds from him. He refused, so I crushed the cage in a fit of anger and the birds flew out, and now I can't get them out of my store, and the the old man keeps appearing in my dreams! 89: I had that nightmare again, the one where I gave all my inventory to some adventurers for only 1 gold piece, and a map to a buried pirate treasure. I ran downstairs to check on my inventory that very night! 90: I've never travelled more than 20 miles away, and I very much like staying at home. Adventuring isn't the life for me... no sir! 91: There's a stray cat that watches me while I work. Every time I try to chase it away it turns a corner and disappears. I think it might be a familiar, but everyone I talk to says I'm paranoid. 92: A little boy came in and asked for a scimitar, I told him I couldn't sell him anything like that unless he had a parent with him. He got all indignant about it! The nerve! 93: I saw a half dozen teiflings conspiring this morning. I think they must be up to something 94: We're all thinking it, Dwarves are better than Gnomes! I don't know why it's 'racist' to say something objectively true! 95: I just got a shipment of enchanted tridents. Yeah. As if anyone's gonna buy a trident even with an enchantment 96: I wish I were an aarokokra, all flying about and such. I don't know if this is worthy of a journal entry, but it's been on my mind ever since that one party of em came to town 97: Ink stains, it looks like the pen broke in the middle of an angry rant about goblins 98: I tried baking today. I'm currently writing this with my offhand because my other has been burned 99: We just got a shipment of some strange foreign vegetable called a 'Coconut. Doesn't look like any nut I've seen, that's for certain 00: Some days I think I should just sell the store and retire while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. But father gave me the store and his father before him. I have to keep this place running, for their sakes.

Its pretty easy to see a future, you just open your third eye and go in the astral. most sheeptards are sleeping though. there is NO future, the FUTURE is in FLUX. Id never heard of a thundersnow until I was in college. When you live in the midwest weather can be chaotic, but this particular storm came up quickly, even for us. On Thursday morning there was a normal snowstorm coming, by Friday morning, they were preparing to shut down the city. Businesses began announced early closings. Even the mall was closed by 3pm. The college I attended even ended classes at noon. A group of friends and I decided to take advantage of the early release by going to a restaurant by the mall for lunch. We were only inside for an hour or so, but by the time we got out, there was easily an additional six inches of snow on the ground. On the way home, every time we stopped, my friends would have to get out and push the car until it started going again, including pushing to get the car going so I could manage to drive off after dropping them off. I decided to gamble and stop at the gas station closest to our apartment on the way home. If we were getting snowed in I was going to pick up a pack of cigarettes and some basic supplies. I managed to park under the canopy by the gas pumps where a patch of bare concrete would provide enough traction to get going again. The gas station is a larger chain gas station in the heart of a college business district. Basically its bars, clubs, pizza places, head shops, and at least one hipster coffee shop. Locals referred to the whole thing as “The Hill. ” My point is, we were at this gas station at least once a day, often two or three times. The same was true for the hundreds of students who lived within blocks of the area. I wasnt the only one stopping in for supplies. It was filled with people, most of whom had stories similar to mine. I was standing in line holding some frozen pizzas, soda, and chips when I heard the clerk talking to the other customers about the coming storm. The forecast had escalated significantly. Behind the counter a small tv was playing. The weatherman came on, standing in front of a map of the midwest that was basically a giant purple blob that covered our entire state. “Jesus Christ, ” I said. The clerk reached over and turned up the volume. A hush fell over the people near the counter as everyone listened. “. Highway Patrol has issued a statement. Do not leave your homes. Do not travel. ” The interstates and highways had been shut down. Rescuers in snowmobiles were shuttling people trapped in their cars to the nearest rest areas. Plows had been called in for the night. “Please, everyone, ” he said. “Stay home. If you dont, you will be on your own. ” The silence hung heavy and felt. ominous, I guess, would be the right word. “Well! I guess I better go! ” said the person at the front of the line, breaking the tension and prompting a few laughs from the growing number of people in line. “Well Im not going anywhere, ” said the clerk. “I have to work all night anyway. Besides, my apartment is right next door. ” She gestured toward the window, but instead of the blue apartment buildings we should have been able to see, the window was nothing but solid white. Just then the doors opened and two of my roommates ducked in. “You guys have the same idea as me? ” I said, gesturing at my pizzas and snacks. “No, ” A. J. said, “Blazers stuck in the bookstore parking lot. ” “I thought the blazer had four-wheel drive. ” I said. “It does, ” chimed in A. s girlfriend Jenna. Shed shared his room for months, and for the most part, she was pretty cool. “Damn that sucks, lets get our stuff and Ill drive us home, ” I said. Even though Id been in the gas station less than ten minutes, the small patch of concrete I had carefully parked my back tires on was filled in with two inches of snow. The tracks from where I drove in were almost completely filled in with snow. I was glad we didnt have to go far. By car, it was two blocks. Most of the time we walked, and from the back door to the gas station it was more like a half a block. Going slow and occasionally getting out to push, we managed to not only get home, but get the car in the driveway, as well. My third and final roommate, Trevor, got home just after we did, pulling his tiny car in right behind mine. Making our way into the house, the snow was so deep had to walk in each others footsteps and try not to fall over along the way. By the time we got inside, we were laughing and happy to be home. In the foyer that we shared with the apartment upstairs, we paused to stomp the snow off our shoes and brush it off our clothes and coats. “Holy shit its crazy out there! ” A. said, stepping carefully out of his wet shoes onto the dry carpet in the living room. “Its pretty when you look at it from in here, ” Jenna said, peering out the window at the houses across the street. It was definitely one of the prettier types of snow. The kind with big fat sticky flakes. Still, the uneasy feeling lurked in the back of my mind. We werent strangers to winter or severe weather, but this was unnerving. The weatherman wasnt even trying to guess how much snow wed get anymore. He just kept saying it was impossible to predict how much snow we would actually get. Local news was an endless stream of businesses that had closed early and warnings not to travel. At the hospitals, staff were staying over because the replacement staff couldnt get through. What else was there to do? We did what every college student does when there are four people in the same room. We played cards. It was close to 4:3O in the afternoon when there was a knock on our door. One of the guys upstairs poked his head in. We didnt know the guys upstairs real well, but of the four, he was by far my favorite. His name was Metal, which I had been pretty pleased to find out was his actual last name. He was a bit of a power stoner, but was generally cool to be around. But to be fair, he was also a little bit crazy. “Guys! Anyone want to go to the gas station with me? ” He asked, in a wide-eyed excited tone. “Not possible, ” A. said, not looking up as he carefully arranged the cards in his hand. “Roads are all fucked. ” “Im not driving, dude. Im walking. ” Metal said, as if he had thought of the most innovative weather problem solution of all time. “Anyone wanna come with? ” “What are you getting? ” I asked. “Smokes, certainly. Toilet paper definitely. Beer probably. Pizza possibly. ” I shrugged, “Im in. ” I got up and rummaged through my room for my warm coat and gloves. When I came back out of my bedroom, my roommates were holding out cash in my directions. “Hey, would you bring me a pack of smokes? ” A. said first. “And me! ” Jenna added. “Yeahhhh, me too, ” said Trevor “No way. You can come with us and buy your own, ” I said in a joking voice but he right well knew I was also serious. “Ill send enough money for two and you can have the other one, ” he offered. The others agreed. “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis, ” Metal sang, doing a strange little dance in the kitchen by the back door. “Good enough, ” I said, taking their money. Of course, at this time smokes only cost 1. 87 a pack. So the “payment” wasnt as big as it would be today. We frequently made deals like this, especially when the weather was bad. Now before you chastise me for going out, you need to remember a few things. First, it was only about 7pm, so it wasnt overly late. Second, if we walked through our backyard, the gas station was only about a half a block away. Finally, we walked this route not only to go get smokes and snacks, but also to get to classes. Id personally walked this route in every possible state of mind and influence. This was twice as true as Metal because hed lived upstairs for twice as long I had and had definitely done twice as many drugs. It was because of all this, that I didnt worry too much about making the trip. Its also why none of my roommates worried too much for us. Honestly, I thought it would be kind of novel. Id never seen a storm like this, and I was kind of looking forward to checking it out. Nothing about going to the gas station felt unsafe, to any of us. Just as we were getting ready to go, an odd yet familiar sound rumbled through the house. My brain couldnt quite register what it was right away, because it was so out of place. “Was that. thunder? ” Jenna asked. “I think so. I heard it too, ” A. confirmed. “Thats crazy, ” I said. I didnt think much of it at the time. I do remember looking over at the window where Jenna had been marking the rising snow by scratching lines in the frost on the window. They were low on the house, so the fact that we saw snow at window level wasnt alarming, but I was a little surprised to see that the snow was now about an inch above the line shed drawn not five minutes earlier. When youre 20 and in college, well, youre damn near immortal, or at least you think you are, so we finished getting ready and made for the back door. “If were not back in 30 minutes send the sled dog, ” Metal said laughing, referring to our landlords dog Charlie, who was a notoriously aggressive ankle-biting chihuahua. The back steps were a mound of snow so we just sort of trudged our way blindly through it until we were on the ground level. The snow wasnt actually too bad. It was up to just above our knees which required us to lift each leg up out of the snow to take each step forward, but it was doable. We paused when we got to the alley at the end of our back yard. The snow had gotten noticeably thicker. I looked up at the security light up over our heads. The light was visible through the snow but I couldnt make out the details of the fixture at all. Across the alley from us was the chain link fence that bordered one of the houses we walked between. It would be helpful to hold onto as we walked through the snow. Only about a foot and a half of it stuck up out of the drift, but we were able to keep moving. The whole time we walked, Metal chatted away, generously peppering stories and observations with top shelf profanity as we made our way through the deep snow, with the help of the chain link fence. We were losing visibility, but we could still see individual street lights lining The Hill, like glowing orbs in the night. Suddenly the snow around us filled with a barrage of flashing light followed by the unmistakable sound of a thunderclap. The glow of the streetlight faded away as we were suddenly hit with the weight of a massive amount of snow from out of nowhere. “Fucking wind! ” Metal shouted at the sky as we shook the snow off of our shoulders and hats. It had blown off of something nearby and directly down on top of us. Or at least thats what we thought happened. At that point, why would we have thought it was anything else? One big step at a time, we followed the chain link fence until we made it to the front yard of the house. From here, all we had to do was cross a small street, walk around the bank, and the gas station would be right across the street. I didnt say anything to Metal, but I was starting to get a little nervous. He didnt seem to notice as he yammered away about all the things he always yammered about. Music. Drugs. Pulp Fiction. Music and drugs. Drugs and music. Drugs and music, and Pulp Fiction. All we could do was keep moving and get back as soon as we can. I was kind of regretting the trip, but we were already half way there, it would be stupid to turn back at this point. From here I could just make out the overhead glow of the streetlights again just on the other side of the bank. The snow on the street was as deep as the snow by the chain link fence, but here there would be nothing to hold onto. Wed just have to walk in the direction of the bank. I could tell Metal was starting to feel uneasy too, when he got quiet and walking closer to me. I didnt mind. It was getting harder and harder to see and that was unnerving enough. The thought of being out here alone, was more than a little unpleasant. We began to make our way across the small road. Halfway across the lightning flashed again, followed by a crack of thunder that ushered in another “blanket” of snow that fell heavily on our heads and shoulders. There was nothing we could do but stand there until it eased off. It took longer for the snow to lighten this time. When the streetlights came back into view, it seemed like they were softer and farther away. We didnt hesitate, just continued moving toward the bank, straining to make out its shape in front of us somewhere. Even though it was dark outside, the snow seemed to have its own sort of light. It swirled around with the snowflakes and dazzled your eyes. Almost hypnotic. But if it was actually as light as it seemed, wed have been able to see more than we could. Just as I was pretty sure we were almost at the bank the wind began to howl. Id heard the expression before, but Id never truly understood how real it could be. It was a terrifying scream that seemed right next to me, making me shudder not from the cold, but from a deep, penetrating fear. “What the fuck! ” Metal shouted and started pushing harder toward the bank. I had to struggle to keep up with him, but I knew he couldnt go far. The bank didnt have a parking lot. It was a small building with just enough room for one car to drive around to the drive-thru. It served mostly college students who were almost always on foot. Metal was getting farther ahead of me and I could barely make out his black parka. “Metal! ” I shouted, but the words seemed muffled by the snow and swept away by the wind. I kept moving in the direction he had gone, even though I couldnt see his coat anymore. He wanted to get to the bank and I didnt blame him. I knew feel a whole lot better when I was touching that wall, too. Another flash of lightning and another shriek. This time it sounded like it was right in front of me. I cried out in fear. The thunderclap hit, and the snow that followed knocked me off my feet. I came up sputtering, trying to clear the snow from my mouth and nose. “Metal! ” I shouted again and this time I thought I heard him reply from up ahead of me. I kept moving in the direction of the bank, and after a dozen or so trudging steps, I was blindsided by an arm that darted out of the swirling white wasteland, grabbed my shoulder, and yanked me hard in their direction. It was Metal. He was standing with his back against the wall of the bank. If he hadnt grabbed me, Id have probably kept walking. Who knows what would have happened if Id have missed the bank. It wasnt easy navigating around it. On this back side where we were, the snow had blown up against the wall, so it was deeper and harder to walk through, but neither of us wanted to leave the reassurance of the wall, even though the snow was harder to get through. I tried to shout to Metal that we needed to head for the foyer with the ATM machine, but I dont know if he heard me. The snow was quiet but also took the words out of your mouth as soon as you said them. It was just like talking underwater. Muffled, and dull. Metald had the same idea as me though. On the other side of the bank, there was a 24 hour ATM that was located inside a small glass foyer that was always unlocked. We could stop there and get out of the snow for awhile. By this point, we were fighting for forward momentum. It had been a bad idea to try to walk to the gas station, and I regretted it with every step. God it was great when my gloved fingers found the front corner of the bank building. I was way beyond wanting to be home or at the gas station. All I wanted was to be inside and not in this storm. Id have climbed in a doghouse if wed come across one. The door to the foyer was covered in snow. Metal and I had to spend five minutes kicking the snow out of the way before we could get the door to open enough for us to squeeze through, but inside felt like a paradise. I didnt realize how all of that snow around my face had made me feel like I was suffocating. I ripped my scarf off and opened my coat so I could “breath” again. I was so preoccupied with that, it took me a minute to notice Metal was frozen in place, staring into the corner of the little foyer. “What is it? ” I asked, my eyes following his gaze. “I thought I saw something, ” he said, in a puzzled voice. The snow in the corner swirled in and out. But for a second I did see something. I think I did. Something like a face, but gray skin, gray eyes. You mean snow colored? It was not a stretch to see things in the swirling snow, especially after straining to see in the storm. Metal shrugged and began foraging inside his coat, pulled out a pack of smokes and a lighter. He pulled out a cigarette and then offered me the pack. I took one. “We probably shouldnt smoke in here, ” I said. “Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures, ” he replied lighting his cigarette and sitting down in the middle of the room. He was quieter and more serious than I had ever seen him. When he finally made eye contact, I could see that he wasnt just serious, he was scared. Im sure he saw the same look on my face, too. The bank foyer wasnt warm, but it wasnt nearly as cold as it was outside. I took off my gloves so I could smoke less awkwardly. We smoked that first cigarette in silence. As soon as I stubbed out the first one, I fished out my pack and offered one to Metal, which he took. He lit it carefully and then said in a quiet voice, “What are we gonna do, man? ” I shrugged. “We could keep going, ” I said. “We could go back or we could stay here. That about sums up our choices. ” “If we keep going, were staying at the gas station until tomorrow, ” he said, lights flickering overhead. It wasnt ideal, but I had to agree with him. I couldnt imagine making the whole trip back after getting to the gas station. “Either way, I think we need to stay together, ” I posited. He nodded slowly. “Maybe we should stay here. ” I couldnt deny it was tempting. It felt good to be out of the storm. But though it was warmer in here, it wasnt fully heated. “We feel warmer now, ” I said. “But is it actually warm enough to stay here? And if we wait too long, will we even be able to get anywhere else? ” I asked. Overhead the light flickered again, ominously. Metal considered this. “If we head back home, we could probably make it to the chain link fence but after that, Im not sure. The backyard was uphill. We may not be able to get to the back door. If we cant, well have to go around. ” “So we are stuck deciding if we should try to camp down here or keep going to the gas station where at least we would have food and bathrooms. and cigarettes, ” I concluded. In the end it was the flickering light, threatening a power outage, that made our decision for us. Without power, the foyer would become cold dangerously quickly. As we bundled back up, a gap in the snow revealed a bright glow in the direction of the gas station before the storm rushed back in again and it disappeared in the swirling chaos. It bolstered both our moods. I was glad we were leaving the foyer. The longer we sat, the more the swirls against the glass seemed to resemble faces, staring with dead eyes of white swirling snow. Dead eyes that looked at me. Dead eyes that saw me. I dont know if Metals eyes were playing the same tricks on him. I thought about asking, but he suddenly stood up, pulled his last smoke out of the pack. He lit it with a flair, zipped up his coat, and saluted, cigarette hanging from of the corner of his mouth, just below one squinted eye. “Soldier! ” He shouted. “We will go out in that snow! We will walk across this street! We will acquire snacks! Those are our orders maggot, get your ass out there! ” He threw his scarf over one shoulder with a flourish and kicked open the door. The jovial moment ended as the snow hit us like wed never left it. Metal grabbed me before I could start walking and I realized he was standing with his back to the bank window to orient himself so we walked in the right direction. It was smart, because the gas station was catty corner from where we were standing. The road we had to cross had two lanes with parking on both. From the bank to the door of the station wasnt more than 60 feet. Even though it was dark outside, the swirling blizzard creates the illusion of visibility, but thats all that it is, an illusion. The reality was that we could not see more than a couple of feet in any direction. We knew there was a car parked in front of the bank, but beyond that, it would be the last physical landmark until we made it to the pumps of the gas station. We moved carefully forward to the parked car, edging our way around it to the right. Something in the snow banged against my leg causing me to jump back and fall on my ass in the snow. When I got back up I reached out to find a parking meter buried in the snow next to the car. That was going to hurt later, and probably leave a pretty nasty bruise, too. I thought at first Metal hadnt noticed that I fell. I shouted his name and felt the panic start to rise up, when his outstretched hand appeared in front of me. We clasped hands and started moving forward again. I felt no shame in holding a guys hand at this point. I just didnt want to be alone. Its hard for your senses to cope in that sort of environment. Sound is muffled, directions become elusive, you can see but you are also blind. But even though everything is hidden to you, you cant stop trying to see and to hear just in case, for one brief moment, you can get your bearings. Ill be honest. I was starting to get pretty freaked out. The panic I felt was threatening to boil over. Being in the storm felt like being underwater, slow and foreign. Pretty, but deadly. I ran into something again, this time with my right leg. “What the fuck, ” I said, reaching down to see what I had hit this time, but after fishing around for whatever it might be, I came up empty. “You okay? ” Metal said, shouting with his head close to mine. Even a few inches away he sounded muffled and distant. “Yeah! ” I shouted back and we continued trudging forward. There was no point pretending we werent pretty thoroughly run down at this point. I mean, we were both young, but we were also smokers. We were much more likely to be found playing guitar on top of the student union, than in an intramural football game. At this point, the snow was closing in on waist deep and it was almost impossible to step over it anymore. I worked to make a simple rhythm of it. Pick up your leg, like youre marching. Pull it up and slide it back down in the snow. Then bring your other leg up to meet it. I would lead with my right foot for awhile then alternate to my left. We walked and walked and time stretched out behind us. Any sense I had of our position and pace was long gone. How long had we been walking? We left the house around seven, but neither of us were wearing watches. The more I thought about it, the harder it was to figure out. I decided it had probably been a half hour or so when you factor in the two cigarettes they had at the bank. How long would it take to get to the gas station? I concentrated on my footsteps. How many steps would it have taken me on a regular day to get from the bank to the gas station? I tried to pace it off in my head as I forced my legs to push through the snow. It was maybe six steps from the bank to the car, eight steps around the car to where I got whacked by the parking meter. Probably about fifteen steps if we went directly across the street. So cross-ways across the intersection would be, say thirty, maybe even thirty-five paces. From the curb to the gas pumps would add another fifteen or so. If I counted two snow steps for every good weather regular step, that would put me at about 130 snow steps to get to the pumps. But you see, I honestly thought my snow steps were larger than regular steps based on how I had to put my foot down, but I was trying to be as conservative as possible. Was Metal doing the same? I hoped so, because at this point, any energy I had left after walking was being used to keep me from losing my shit. I counted in my head as we went. “One. and. two. three. ” When I got to 150, I knew something was very, very wrong. I was about to try to ask Metal what he thought when lightning flashed all around us, revealing swirls of blues and whites in thick patches like clouds, but with no visible boundary between the falling snow and the snow on the ground. Thunder cracked loud overhead and seemed to echo around us. Like the thunder before, the snow that followed landed on us like a blanket. It was up to our waist now. We fought to shake it off our arms and shoulders, but we could both feel it. The storm was gaining on us. I moved in front of Metal and took the front for awhile. He had been forging the path for long enough. He had to be exhausted. I leaned in and shouted in his ear, “We should have been there by now! ” I got a quick glimpse of his eyes, a few inches from mine. He only gave a small nod. There was nothing we could do but keep walking. “157. 158. ” Just then I tripped over something and fell forward, face-first into the snow. I panicked and flailed. The snow was packed in my mouth and ears. It was hard to breath and for a second I couldnt get away from it. It was like being underwater without any buoyancy. Metals hand had been ripped out of mine when I got knocked over. I finally found my feet and felt around with my arms until I bumped into him and we clutched each other in the darkness. Before I could take another step I ran into something else and suddenly realized, I wasnt running into something. Something was running into me. This time it was Metals turn to fall on his ass, and my turn to help him up. But as I was pulling him onto his feet, the snow rippled around us and without warning, Metals hand was torn out of mine and he disappeared back down into the snow. I felt wildly for his hand and managed to get ahold of it it, but Metal hadnt fallen. Something was pulling him. I could hear his thin terrified screams being swallowed by the wind and snow. “Dont let go! ” He cried. I pulled my right glove off with my teeth and got my bare hand up under his sleeve, wrapped around his bare skin for traction. His warm skin felt hot and prickly against my cold fingers and but I held on as hard as I could. Even when I knew that it had to hurt him like hell where I was pulling. Whatever had his legs yanked harder. The storm thickened. I could hear Metal screaming but I couldnt see his face. Whatever had him pulled over and over, until I felt like my arm was going to get ripped out of its socket. Lightning blew up the sky around us. For a moment, I could see Metal in front of me, his face pale with exertion and pain, his eyes wild with fear. I wish that was all I had seen, but the flashes of lightning showed so much more. Around us, in the layers of the light bursts, huge pale eel-like creatures swirled through the falling snow like water, the snow swirling like eddies in their wake. I could tell that Metal had seen them too. Then I felt it again, the movement under the snow, bumping hard against my leg. Jesus Christ there was something alive out here with us. The next time the lightning flashed, I watched as white tendrils of snow slithered up from the snow behind Metal and wrapped themselves around his arms and then around his neck. The force of it made his eyes bulge and his skin began to turn purple. I shouldnt have been able to see any of it. Or at least not as much as I saw. I know it sounds crazy but it felt like the lightning kept flashing to make sure I saw the thing taking Metal. To make sure I saw him die. Because theres no way he could have lived. I wanted to believe he could, but deep down, from that moment I knew. The thunder cracked and the storm went black and Metals hands were violently ripped from mine in a white hot sheet of pain that tore through my shoulder as my grip on his arm was broken. All I saw after that was a flash of black as Metal disappeared into the ocean of snow. I clutched my now useless arm against my chest and tried to look around. Tried to see anything in the darkness. The snow was deeper now. In a little while it wouldnt matter what was out there, I wouldnt be able to keep going. My good hand was numb and my feet felt like blocks of stone I had to drag along underneath me. My eyes were tired from squinting and trying to make out anything in the darkness. For awhile, every time I contemplated giving up, the things in the snow would nudge me, toying with me, like a cat with a mouse. But a person can only keep moving for so long in those conditions. no matter how determined they are. I just kept pushing forward in the direction I thought the gas station was. By that point I had stopped counting steps. I could only concentrate on one step at a time now. If I could just keep going, I still had a chance, right? A wild shrieking suddenly whipped in the wind around me just as something struck me hard in the face, nearly knocking me off my feet. A hot wetness trickled down my cheek and onto my coat. Suddenly brilliant white light flashed and flooded the world around me, followed by a turbulent slithering around my legs and waist under the snow. But this time, the lightning revealed something else. The gas station. Metal and I had gotten off course and I had nearly missed it. I lunged in the direction of it had been in great flailing strides, that felt like running underwater, a slow-motion escape more frustrating than any nightmare. But I had seen the gas station. I knew I could make it. Instead, I was knocked violently forward, face first in the snow. Before I could get my knees under me, an ice cold tendril wound around the wrist of my bad arm and yanked it back, brutally, causing pain to cut through my consciousness like a white hot blade. The adrenaline gave me just enough energy to take a few more steps. Blood was pouring down my face, and I was dragging my now useless arm behind me in the snow. The thunder boomed right above me and I knew the snow was coming and that would be the end. I knew deep down, I could not shrug off another dumping of the heavy snow. Not that I didnt try, but as it hit me, I fell forward, limply. The things swirled around me in the snow, rubbing against my legs, then disappearing, only to be replaced by another one. Then a sharp pain bit through the haze I was in. Something had sliced the back of my leg. The jolt of surprise and the new pain helped me to get to my feet again, even as I could feel more of them swimming through my legs and around my waist. The lightning flashed one last time, and there, in front of me, were hands and arms that reached out to me, pulling me out of the snow. Behind me, I felt the tendrils wrapping around my legs and ankles, the sharp slicing of the skin on my thighs and calves. I screamed in pain from the cuts and being torn in two. I kicked at the things swirling around my feet and suddenly, my foot made purchase with something hard and resistant. Very much like packed snow. But I felt it give, and then the thing holding my feet loosened its grip just enough to allow the hands and arms to tear me free of it. Human hands and arms that were real and warm and alive. It was there, on the concrete just outside the door of the gas station that I closed my eyes and everything went quietly, mercifully dark. It was around 3am when I woke up and found myself lying on the floor behind the counter of the gas station my head resting on a package of toilet paper. I tried to sit up and was instantly blinded by white hot pain like I had never felt before. I cried out and was quickly surrounded by the clerk and two other girls. All three had extremely concerned looks on their faces. “Are you ok? ” The clerk said nervously. “Of course hes not okay, ” said the girl on the left. “Hes inside and hes alive. Thats ok enough. ” The girl on the right said grimly. She screwed the cap off a bottle of Captain Morgan and handed it to me. “Take these, ” she said holding up two pill and then putting them in my mouth. I was too surprised to really resist. “Drink, ” she said, pushing the bottle of rum toward my face. I washed down the mystery pills with the rum and while it burned going down, it was warm and everything warm was good. “My friend. He was with me. Have you seen him? Did he make it here? ” I asked. The two girls shook their heads. “Youre the first one, since we got here. Our car got stuck. It wasnt bad then. But we were going to try to get it unstuck, only we didnt get to the car. ” The girls looked at one another and were quiet. “There are things in the snow, ” I said. No use pretending it wasnt true. Tears rolled down one of the girls cheeks. “I need to call my roommates, ” I said. “Phones are out, ” the clerk replied, frowning, then she shrugged. The four of us sat behind the counter for the rest of the night. The girls names were Sarah and Braden. The clerk was Jill. I told them some of what happened, but not all. It turned out the pills Braden gave me were serious pain killers she took for “monster cramps. ” The slices on my legs were wide but not dangerously deep. I was able to move around once the pain ebbed a bit. “What time did I get here? ” I asked, at some point, trying to pin down the sequence of events. Jill brought over three hot chocolates from what my roommate called the crappuccino machine. Braden topped all three off with rum. “7:15, ” she said. “That cant be right, ” I said. “We didnt even leave until seven. And we stopped at the bank for at least ten minutes, probably more. ” “No, thats right, ” Sarah said, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. “When we got you inside, I looked at the clock so I would know how long you were out. I know it was 7:15ish because I remember thinking my sorority sisters would all be in the tv room watching Friends. ” “It cant be right, ” I said quietly and the girls didnt contradict me. For the rest of the night, we stayed behind the counter on the floor. It was better not have the windows to look out of. Better not to be where you can be seen if something was looking in. Sarah and Braden eventually fell asleep. Jill and I smoked and endured the flashes of lighting and thunder in the snow. I tried not to think of what was out there, but I never succeeded. I guess we all must have fallen asleep eventually. When I opened my eyes the light from outside was bright and clear. The snow had drifted halfway up the window, but above the snowline I could see the bars and pizza places half buried in a fine powdery snow that was perfectly smooth and flat and glittered like diamonds. We still couldnt go anywhere, but we did eventually get phone service back. When we did, I called my roommates to tell them I was ok and to ask if Metal was there, but he hadnt returned to the house. I even made them look upstairs. Over the next few days, there would be a lot of questions, and a lot of heartache. I tried to tell people what happened, but I couldnt get anyone to take me seriously. They nodded and gave me a pitying look. To them it was just my traumatized mind making up a story to cope with the horrific event I had lived through. And who knows, maybe I am. But theres one thing that makes me think I do remember things the way they actually happened. They eventually found Metal. Found his body, anyway. The day after the storm, the owner of the bar across the street went to drop his deposit at the bank. The dropbox is in the foyer by the ATM. As he turned to go, he noticed, down in the corner window, by the floor, he could see a pale face, with white that stared off into nowhere. He was found lying next to the window with his face pressed up against the glass, completely frozen. The authorities declared it was death by exposure, but Im betting they found a lot more in that autopsy than anyone was ever told. Once the storm had cleared, four people had gotten “lost” in the storm and suffered the same fate as Metal. I wonder how many of them suffered the same fate. Ive never really been one hundred percent ok, since then. Physically Ive recovered as much as I am going to. My right arm is moderately functional but Im a leftie now. I transferred to University of Arizona for my junior and senior year. After graduation, I did outreach work at the equator. I dont go where it snows any more and Im ok with that. But a few weeks ago I happened to run across a headline about thundersnow predictions in the midwest this winter. I know midwesterners are brave and sometimes reckless, but this is not a normal kind of storm. As one midwesterner to another, If you hear thunder in a snowstorm, run.

Mark, most people are struggling to get by & they know it but we must start turning up for local public meetings. If we don't agree to it weve got to make sure it don't happen. Watch stream windows on the world lyrics. Watch stream windows on the world movie. Watch stream windows on the world live. A kernel of something fascinating, a lot of conjecture, but the Hebrew God was fully developed during the life of Abraham & Joseph so Aten came AFTER, duh. So Moses aka the Pharoah who had to run away cause he was a monotheistic rebel, a Hebe, not legit by birth etc. Fascinating that Joseph was the grandfather of Moses! I love the face of Joseph's mummy. Bible trumps everything. Amen BTW, Dr. Petrovich just found archaic Hebrew derived from Egyptian hieroglyphics! In February 2017! So their talk of language development is disproved.

Introduction Welcome, all the people of the subreddit! It is the mod team that going to bring you live updates on Falcon 9's next commercial launch of JCSAT-18 mission. Your host team Reddit username Twitter account Responsibilities Number of hosts u/hitura-nobad @HituraNobad Mission updates, Community? Host u/Nsooo @TheRealNsooo Thread format, Mission updates? Host About the mission SpaceX is going to launch a GEO satellite to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit. This mission will fly on a booster which already has flown two times. Schedule Launch window 🚦 Time zone 🌎 Day 📅 Date 📆 Time ⏱️ Targeted T-0 🚀 Primary opens UTC Tuesday December 17 00:10 ✔️ Primary closes UTC Tuesday December 17 01:38 ❌ Primary opens EST Monday December 16 19:10 ✔️ Primary closes EST Monday December 16 20:38 ❌ Backup opens UTC Wednesday December 18 00:10 ❌ Backup closes UTC Wednesday December 18 01:38 ❌ Backup opens EST Tuesday December 17 19:10 ❌ Backup closes EST Tuesday December 17 20:38 ❌ Launch time around the world City 🏙️ Time zone 🌎 Offset to UTC ⏱️ Targeted T-0 local time 🚀 Date 📆 Los Angeles PT UTC-8 16:10 December 16 New York EST UTC-5 19:10 December 16 Reykjavik GMT UTC+0 00:10 December 17 Budapest CET UTC+1 01:10 December 17 Helsinki EET UTC+2 02:10 December 17 Scrub counter Scrub date Cause Countdown stopped Backup date No scrubs! n/a n/a n/a Official mission overview SpaceX is targeting Monday, December 16 for launch of JCSAT-18/Kacific1 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The launch window opens at 7:10 p. m EST, or 00:10 UTC on December 17, and closes at 8:38 p. m. EST, 01:38 UTC on December 17. A backup launch window is available on Tuesday, December 17 that opens at 7:10 p. m EST, or 00:10 UTC on December 18, and closes at 8:38 p. EST, 01:38 UTC on December 18. The satellite will be deployed at approximately 33 minutes after liftoff. Falcon 9s first stage for the JCSAT-18/Kacific1 mission previously supported the CRS-17 mission in May 2019 and the CRS-18 mission in July 2019. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 45 minutes after liftoff, SpaceXs two fairing recovery vessels, “Ms. Tree” and “Ms. Chief, ” will attempt to recover the two fairing halves. Source: SpaceX Lot of facts ☑️ This will be the 85th SpaceX launch. ☑️ This will be the 77th Falcon 9 launch. ☑️ This will be the 21st Falcon 9 Block 5 launch. ☑️ This will be the 13th SpaceX launch this year. ☑️ This will be the 11th Falcon 9 launch this year. ☑️ This will be the 3rd journey to space of the flight-proven Block 5 core B1056. Vehicles used Type Name Location First stage Falcon 9 v1. 2 - Block 5 (Full Thrust. B1056 CCAFS, SLC-40 Second stage Falcon 9 v1. 2 Block 5 (Full Thrust) CCAFS, SLC-40 ASDS Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) Atlantic Ocean Barge tug Hawk Atlantic Ocean Support ship GO Quest (Core recovery) Atlantic Ocean Support ship GO Ms Chief (Fairing recovery) Atlantic Ocean Support ship GO Ms Tree (Fairing recovery) Atlantic Ocean Core data source: Core wiki by r/SpaceX Ship data source: SpaceXFleet by u/Gavalar_ Live updates Timeline Time Update T+36:23 Thanks for joining! This is the end of live updates on this thread, For updates check out Spacex and SpaceXFleet on Twitter T+35:23 Webcast ended T+33:37 Launch success T+33:19 Payload deploy T+28:09 SECO2 T+27:30 Second stage relight T+13:05 Coasting for 15 mins T+8:45 SECO T+8:43 Landing success T+7:47 Stage 1 transonic T+6:41 Reentry shutdown T+6:20 Reentry startup T+4:31 Akquisition of signal in Bermuda T+3:41 Fairing separation T+3:11 Gridfins extending T+2:48 Second stage ignition T+2:40 Stage separation T+2:36 MECO T+1:14 Max Q T-0 Liftoff T-60 Startup T-2:13 Strongback retracted T-6:57 Engine chill started T-12:08 Webcast is live T-16:24 LOX loading started T-16:56 Spacex FM Started T-19:50 Big 20 min vent T-28:51 Falcon 9 is venting - Propellant load has started T-32:26 Hi, I'm u/hitura-nobad, bringing you live updates on todays mission. T-05:00:00 Welcome everyone! Falcon 9 went vertical ahead of today's launch attempt. Currently GO for launch! Mission's state ✅ Currently GO for the launch attempt. Launch site, Downrange Place Location Coordinates 🌐 Sunrise 🌅 Sunset 🌇 Time zone ⌚ Launch site CCAFS, Florida 28. 562 N, 80. 5772 W N/A N/A UTC-5 (EST) Landing site Atlantic Ocean (Downrange) 3232' N, 7555' W N/A N/A N/A Payload's destination Burn 🔥 Orbit type 🌐 Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital period 🔄 Deployments 🛰️ 1. LEO 🌍 no data no data no data no data None 2. GTO 🌍 no data no data no data no data JCSAT-18 Weather - Cape Canaveral, Florida Launch window Weather Temperature Prob. of rain Prob. of weather scrub Main concern Primary launch window 🌤️ Partly Cloudy 🌡️ No data 💧 No data 🛑 10% No data Weather data source: Google Weather & 45th Space Wing. The probability of a scrub due to weather does not includes the chance due to upper level winds, which are monitored by the SpaceX launch team itself using sounding balloons before launch. Watching the launch live Link Note Official SpaceX Launch Webcast - embedded starting ~20 minutes before liftoff Official SpaceX Launch Webcast - direct starting ~20 minutes before liftoff Webcast - relay u/codav Useful Resources, Data, ♫. FAQ Essentials Link Source Press kit SpaceX Launch weather forecast 45th Space Wing SpaceX Fleet Status FCC Permit Information r/SpaceX Wiki Launch Hazard Area 45th Space Wing Airspace Closure Area 45th Space Wing Launch NOTAM FAA Social media Link Source Reddit launch campaign thread r/SpaceX Subreddit Twitter r/SpaceX SpaceX Twitter r/SpaceX SpaceX Flickr r/SpaceX Elon Twitter r/SpaceX Reddit stream u/njr123 Media & music Link Source TSS Spotify u/testshotstarfish ♫♫ Nsooo's favourite ♫♫ u/testshotstarfish SpaceX FM u/lru Community content Link Source Flight Club u/TheVehicleDestroyer Discord SpaceX lobby u/SwGustav Rocket Watch u/MarcysVonEylau SpaceX Now u/bradleyjh SpaceX time machine u/DUKE546 SpaceXMeetups Slack u/CAM-Gerlach SpaceXLaunches app u/linuxfreak23 Participate in the discussion! 🥳 Launch threads are party threads, we relax the rules here. However, we remove low effort comments in other threads! 🔄 Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks! 💬 Please leave a comment if you discover any mistakes, or have any information. ✉️ Please send links in a private message; if you send them via a comment, there is a large chance we will miss them! ✅ Apply to host launch threads! Drop us (or me u/Nsooo) a modmail if you are interested. I need a launch off. Frequently asked questions Do you have a question in connection with the mission? Feel free to ask it, and I (or somebody else) will try to answer it as much as possible. Will SpaceX land Falcon 9 boosters? Yes, they will! The booster are going to land on the droneship downrange. Will SpaceX try to recover the fairings? Yes, they will! GO Ms Chief and GO Ms Tree are the two ships assigned to try to recover both fairing halves. Do you want to apply as a host? Drop us a modmail.

Gremlins! Surprising how often it happens when things of importance are posted. Watch Stream Windows of the world.

My older brother had all isaac's albums... i love this and By the time i get to Phoenix

0:46 Terrifying. Watch stream windows on the world 2017. I want the old twin towers back 🥺😥. How beautiful, and what touching lyrics... Watch stream windows on the world full. 0:40 solid open for a trading day. 😂. Watch stream windows on the world 10. I am usually deep into my cups when I write this stuff, bear with grammatical errors. Thankyou, I hope you enjoy. Inspiration One ship It was all they could spare, one ship. When we first saw the arrival of 'the great human response' most of us were shocked and appalled. Many of the republic's fleets had mustered their full might, thousands of (Destroyers) and (Carriers. It was the single greatest mustering we would had ever witnessed in the republic's navy before or since. I was a (Chief Petty Officer) at the time, in command of one of the batteries on "Her Regal Intent. Most of the crew had never seen combat outside the simulations normal for advanced training and the fear hues onboard were so clear it was hard not to be shaken. One ship These Humans supposedly came from one of the most hyper-aggressive species the republic had ever come across. Even centuries after establishing slip-space travel they still fought with political infighting across their home-worlds. All the stories had portrayed humanity as the apex predator of the galaxy, the most terrifying boogeymen that parents scared their children to sleep at night with. No-one but the Alhuai had ever actively engaged in battle with them and you were better off trying to compress a star into a black hole with your bare hands than get casual conversation out of those freaks. Yet for all their war-like nature, they'd only sent one ship in their ally's greatest time of need. Our enemy would be reaching the system within the coming (hours) by our best estimates, perhaps the rest were simply delayed? We had already begun final preparations when the ship's commanding officer announced it's presence and inquired where it should be in the battle line. I wasn't privvy to the information given on it's armaments and tonnage. The point remains it was relegated to a 'reserve' role, at the rear with the lightest armed interceptors should weak points present themselves to be exploited. Such a placing was normally viewed as highly disrespectful or beneath more prestigeous officers. The captain accepted his place in the battle-line all the same no hesitation and immediately adjusted course. Final preparations completed not long after the human ship reached it's destination within the reserve battle line. The enemy would arrive just an (hour) later. I would not wish the coming (hours) of combat upon my greatest enemy. The horrors of void exposure and continuing to fight for your life even after the ship has been exposed to it's harsh conditions via numerous hull breaches was beyond even the most primal terror. I watched as crew members i'd come to know and respect were roasted alive in moments or their blood boiled and burst them like a human 'sausage' as depressurization occurred, dozens were torn screaming through massive rends in the ship's exterior. For those lucky few who had their 'slapsuit' harnessed to them, an emergency pressurized suit that could be installed in under 10 seconds, they may have had a brief window of survival until a battle's end when rescue ships could scoop them up. Without hesitation or order, that One ship had broken from the reserve lines. In something out of even the most fanciful epics I could ever hope to delve into in our republic's history, crew thought lost to the void eared on board our ship, in infirmaries, in engine rooms, anywhere there was room, lost and injured crewmembers were relocated all across the fleet faster than a Hijaruk's eye could fathom. It was as if the god of death himself had arrived, plucked the sick and dying from their final resting place and told them "Not today. Within minutes of the crew reappearing in droves, she broke from the main battle line and tore through the whirling debris and chaos of the battle. It was like watching the most divine dancer in all the republics, twisting and weaving through countless blinding flashes of light and death, most vast enough to obliterate the ship with a single strike. It was only later that we realized that one ship may not have been armed with laser batteries or rail-guns favored by close-range interceptors or even the torpedoes of bombers. No they had weapons far more precise and devastating. Humans are a terrifying species, you should understand, not because they are warriors without peer on the ground. Humans are terrifying because they will listen to the best and brightest scientific minds say "It is impossible" or more often "Why try it. to which they will promptly answer "Why not. It was later discovered that humans had devised a miniaturized slip-stream engine. This device was installed by mandate on nearly every human vessel to allow them to pluck resources out of the void itself to be refined into viable materials for trade or rescue operations from damaged or soon to destruct vessels. In essence, every single human void ship was capable of not only acting in a mercantile fashion to some degree, but also employing a method of warfare only they have been able to master. Upon reaching their MSS's optimal range, that one ship began to reverse it's purpose, instead plucking (now armed) miniaturized nuclear warheads out of the ship's cargo hold and causing them to reappear in our enemy's ships with less than a minute before the munition would detonate. They apparently favored locations most likely to be the bridge or engine bays. In the span of (2) hours, that one ship had effectively decapitated or neutered over 3 dozen (Battleships) or (carriers. To say it was absolute chaos for them is to say a star's surface is warm. Yet it was not the horrors our new ally had inflicted that truly caused them to rout, it was a single communication broadcast to all ships in the system, the same pre-recorded message had been broadcast just moments before the Human ship joined the fray: I come in peace. I didnt bring artillery. But Im pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, Ill kill you all. With that the enemy broke ranks and fled the system in droves. The Haqutani federation have since left a buffer zone of no less than 5, 000 (light-years) between republic space and our own. One ship lead to the greatest defeat ever recorded in the federation's history, the most one-sided battle in all the Republic's history. It's name is the UDHS James Mattis. It is the reason no one disrupts human interests.

+1 like for R.I.P <3. Watch stream windows on the world youtube. Watch stream windows on the world map. So much truth in this interview. People who are seemingly just dumb and brainwashable sometimes make me feel very unhappy. Why so uneasy if they are just dumb? Well, because they could be willing to do very dark things if they were told to, and influenced to that end. Very thoughtful. My beloved liberty angel. Close to 3,000 people died that day. If it wasn't for the firefighters close to 20,000 people would've died that day. Dark journalist has done a great deal of work exploring Theosophy and the Orphic circle. I am a fan of Rudolf Steiner however.

Project syndicate the media arm of the European council on foreign relations has said to combat the threat of global extinction a staggering 93trillion will be required. The austerity that this will create will indeed make some of us Extinct. Once again a first class show, you really are head and shoulders above the rest.




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